Beatriz Ferreyra was born in 1937 in Córdoba (Argentina).
She studied piano with Celia Bronstein (Buenos Aires 1950-1956), harmony and musical analysis with Nadia Boulanger (1962), electroacoustic music with Edgardo Canton (G.R.M. - France; R.A.I - Italie 1963) and composition with Earl Brown and Gorgy Ligeti (Darmstad 1967).

She worked at O.R.T.F. (French National Television) in Research Department, participating to the Group of Musical Researches (G.R.M.) under the leadership of Pierre Schaeffer (1963-70). She contributed to Pierre Schaeffer’s book   «Traité des Objets Musicaux » (1966), to Henri Chiarucci  and   Guy  Reibel’s  exploration  work : «  Relation between pitch and fundamental basis of a musical sound », published in March 1966 in the International Journal of Audiology. Besides, she participated to the realisation of records from « Solfège de l’Objet Sonore » by Pierre Schaeffer (1967).
She had an educational function during the G.R.M. training periods as well as the lectures she gave at the courses of National Conservatory of Music in Paris. Has been also in charge of the inter learning subjects seminaries from Research Department.
Since 1970 she has been working as a  free composer. Worked  with   Bernard     Baschet at his  new instruments  « Structures Sonores » (1970).

En 1975 she became a Member of the « Collège des Compositeurs » created by the Groupe de Musique Expérimentale de Bourges (G.M.E.B.). Was requested by the Dartmouth College in Electronic Music Department to work on computers (1976), music and film music (1998), while she was interested with inquiries and realisation of pieces applied to muscotherapy (1973-77).

She has been Memeber of the Jurys : 4th International Competition of Experimental Musique in Bourges 1976, International Competition of Radiophonic Music Phonurgia Nova in Arles 1978, International competition of Musiques et Recherches « Metamorphoses 2000 » in Bruxelles and,Royal Conservatory of Mons’s Music since 2000, in Belgium. She the concerts « Rendez vous de la musique concrète » at the Centre d’Etudes et de Recherche Pierre Schaeffer (1998/1999). Since 1967 she had commissions for concerts and festivals : particularly from the G.R.M. (actually INA-GRM), the G.M.E.B since 1971 actually Institut International de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges (I.M.E.B.), and the A.C.I.C. (Association pour la Collaboration entre les Instrumentistes et Compositeurs, 1976-90), and French State commisions. She composes for concerts, festivals, ballets and films, and gives international seminaries and conferences.
The 2-3 October 2014, the O.I.M. CIME/IMC UNESCO grant her the title of Honorable Member of the Organisation.